Friday, January 15, 2010


Should schools and libraries block Web sites? Most schools and some libraries use filtering
software to block sites that are considered unsuitable for kids. Such software blocks Web sites that may contain sexual, hateful, or violent content.! However, because the software merely looks for certain words, it may also block kids from sites that have useful or important information. Should schools and libraries use filters? Explain your answer.

A: No,  students should be able to go to whatever website they want. What if they save some work on a websites and dosent have access to it because he is blocked by the filters. Even if the website was bad, they're always a positive with a negative.
Will the Internet make schools disappear? Today, some people are going to college
without leaving home. They get class notes, talk with classmates and teachers, and take tests online. In the future, there will be more and more ways to learn online. How might online learning affect schools? Will we need fewer teachers? Will school buildings be torn down?

The Internet will definitely not make the internet disappear. Some people are going to college without leaving home, that's a plus that they can do they're work just as if they were home right in the comfort of theyre own home. No, I don't think school building will be torn down because I dont think everybody will have that privilege to stay home.

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