Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Video Outline 6-10

Video 6 - The sixth video told us about security on a wireless system. It told us how to create a secure internet connection. It showed how to make a password for your unsecure network to make it secure.
Video 7 - The seventh video showed how to design and organize a home network. Jason the computer genius says "the easiest way to create one is to draw it out". He mad a blueprint on how it should be connected and how it should look.
Video 8 - The eight video showed how to set up a Wireless Network at home. He showed how to connect and set up using a basic router and what needs to go where.
Video 9 - The ninth video showed how to share files between more than one computer. He showed how to use a portable device to carry files without using a bunch of cords and saving hassle.
Video 10 - The tenth and last video showed how to share files & music between two computers. He showed how to share his music library with his friends and people around him. (local network)

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