Monday, November 30, 2009

Outline 11-30-09

Video 1 - The first video was showing what a firewall was all about. It showed how it protects your computer from any unwanted programs, that could wreck your computer's systems.

Video 2 - The second video showed how a the internet works. It demonstrated how you can connect to the internet using phone wires, cables etc. You can also connect and communicate with other people with similar interests. For example: Let's say Jim & Sal like science-fiction books. They can connect and talk about these topics.

Video 3 - The third video showed how every pc connected to the internet has it's own address which consists numbers. This address is better known as the IP address. Your computer is not directly connected to the internet.

Video 4 - The fourth video showed how a computer network may consist of a cable modem, one or more computers and more than one printer.

Video 5 - The fifth and last video showed how to create a network on a Windows computer. Some of the things you have to do is tell how the computer connects to the internet everything that you will need to connect to through the network.

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